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How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpet?

It isn’t surprising that the majority of us only ever vacuum a few times a week to keep the carpets looking fresh and the house smelling clean.

Whilst you might think this is all down to laziness, it is actually because people think that using a vacuum every day might ruin their carpet.

Whilst there is some truth to this, after all, the rotating brush or beater bar may pull on the carpet and cause the fibers to become damaged or stretch, dirt can do just as much damage.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how much you should be vacuuming those carpets, and how to use a vacuum to its fullest potential. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be a vacuuming pro!

When Should You Vacuum A Carpet?

Whilst you might think that you are damaging your carpet every time you vacuum, it isn’t true. Whilst you might see carpet fibers in the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner once you have whizzed around with it, it doesn’t mean that the carpet is falling to pieces.

In fact, the dirt and debris that is left on your carpet is likely to do more damage to the fibers. A carpet is durable enough to be vacuumed several times a week without there being any wear and tear. 

Debris that is left un-vacuumed can start to break down the carpet’s fibers and work its way underneath. This then creates the perfect space for bacteria and dust mites. Once this happens, you will have a whole different problem on your hands.

You will find that if you have a regular vacuuming schedule, your carpets will sustain much less damage. Concentrate on areas that get the most traffic. These areas of the carpet will attract dirt, so making sure to vacuum them often will keep them in good shape.

How To Properly Vacuum A Home?

Despite frequent vacuuming of the carpet being fine, there is such a thing as overworking it. This is more to do with the settings you put your vacuum on, rather than how many times you vacuum the carpet.

For example, if your vacuum does have different settings for flooring, then use the one for what you are doing. If it is a non-carpeted floor and there is a setting for that, don’t use it on the carpet. 

They clean differently, and sometimes it can be just too harsh to use on a particular type of flooring. 

Another thing to be aware of is the height setting of the vacuum. If you are using the vacuum on high, it may struggle to pick up any of the dirt, whilst if it is set too low, it could damage the roller brush or even the carpet. 

If you are unsure what the correct setting is, always start on the highest setting possible. Keep on lowering the setting until you feel a slight tug from the carpet. 

Rules That Apply To Vacuuming

It comes as no surprise that there are some general rules when it comes to using a vacuum, with the most important one being not to vacuum over large, or even hard, objects. This could be things like stones or coins.

Doing so can cause unwanted damage to the vacuum. In fact, this kind of material can cause so much damage that your vacuum may not work at all and will need fixing, or being replaced. 

A few other things to think about are making sure to always empty the dustbin after use. You will most certainly want to avoid using a vacuum if the dustbin’s capacity is full. Never use a vacuum when the dustbin is full as it can cause damage.

Also, never run the vacuum over wet areas. It can lose its efficiency, but also electricity and water do not mix.

Lastly, if your vacuum is corded, don’t run over it. Always keep it out of the way for safety. 

If you want to know more about the safety and rules of using a vacuum cleaner, then refer to the brand’s instructions manual for further advice. 

Is There A Way To Protect Carpeting During Vacuuming?

If you are quite worried about damaging your carpets, then less is most certainly more. Think about vacuuming more frequently in heavy traffic areas where people are walking through and causing dirt to fall onto the fibers.

For a general rule of thumb, vacuum these high-traffic areas around twice a week. You will need to shampoo this carpet more often as well.

Everywhere else in the home, vacuum the carpets at least once a week to keep it fresh.

How Often To Vacuum Carpet (1)

Basically, make sure to keep an ongoing weekly schedule of vacuuming to keep the buildup of dirt down, and to keep the carpets looking their best. 

You can also buy a carpet spray which can protect the fibers. However, always test it on a hidden area first just in case it reacts with your carpet. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

The Detrapel is a great choice to help repel any stains and to keep carpets looking and staying extra fresh in between vacuum times.

Final Thoughts On Vacuuming The Home

If you are concerned whether vacuuming is damaging your carpets, then it is time to take a step back. If you are vacuuming them a few times a week, then it may be best to only do it twice at the most.

In fact, in any high traffic areas where people are bringing dirt through, then vacuum at the most a couple of times a week. Everywhere else can do with a weekly vacuum only.

There is also the option of using a carpet protection spray to keep the fibers fresh and clean in between the times you vacuum. 

Just remember that dirt can also damage carpets, so do not avoid vacuuming entirely. Removing the debris by using a vacuum can greatly reduce the impact of damage to the carpet fibers. 

So long as you don’t vacuum too much, and make sure you stick to a few rules, the carpets in your home will look great.

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